Sentence Examples with the word Ankle

She wrenched away, only for the robed man to snatch her ankle and drag her down.

After having her wiggle her toes and move her ankle this way and that, he finally stepped back and observed her with a frown.

Her ankle twisted as she landed on a rock, and she fell, yanking free another knife to block the guardsmen's first blow.

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The man grabbed her ankle and she kicked him with her other foot.

The specially painful points are about the knee and ankle joints; besides which a feeling of numbness is experienced throughout the whole limb.

Her ankle twisted painfully, forcing a quick cry of pain from her lips.

I twisted my ankle and fell.

His right arm was bandaged with a fracture-snap, his left ankle as well.

He lifted her effortlessly to the counter so he could examine her ankle again.

The stirrup leathers may be let out or taken up until the tread of the stirrup is on a level with the inner ankle bone.