Sentence Examples with the word Anglo-French

In 1855 it was bombarded by the Anglo-French fleet, and after that the Russians demolished the fortifications.

The Anglo-French army concentrated in Mudros Bay, the great natural harbour of Lemnos, in the third week of April and, after a short delay enforced by bad weather, the armada put to sea during the nights of the 23rd-24th and the 24th-25th, so that the transports and the covering warships should arrive at the various rendezvous at or before dawn on the 25th.

LEWIS GOLDSMITH (c. 1763-1846), Anglo-French publicist, of Portuguese-Jewish extraction, was born near London about 1763.

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The Anglo-French telephone service, which was opened between London and Paris in April 1891, was extended to the principal towns in England and France on the 11th of April 1904.

In Egypt and the permanent establishment of an Anglo-French condominium to the detriment of Italian influence.

For this reason the Anglo-French convention had caused profound irritation in Italy, and had tended somewhat to diminish the cordiality of Anglo-Italian relations.

All these cumbersome restrictions were swept away by the khedivial decree of the 28th of November 1904, a decree which received the assent of the powers and was the result gains of the Anglo-French agreement of April 1904 (see finaicial History).

With characteristic foresight, Visconti Venosta promoted an exchange of views between Italy and France in regard to the Tripolitan hinterland, which the Anglo-French convention of 1899 had placed within the French sphere of influencea modification of the status quo ante considered highly detrimental to Italian aspirations in Tripoli.

The town was bombarded and in part destroyed by an Anglo-French fleet in May 1855.

These negotiations bore important fruit in the Anglo-French convention of 1896, the chief provision of which was the neutralization by the contracting parties of the central portion of Siam, consisting of the basin of the river Menam, with its rich and fertile land, which contains most of the population and the.