Sentence Examples with the word Anglian

Alfred had been on his way to relieve his son at Thorney when he heard that the Northumbrian and East Anglian Danes were besieging Exeter and an unnamed fort on the coast of North Devon.

The East Anglian ridge continues the line E.N.E., gradually decreasing in altitude.

Shortly afterwards, in 616, he was defeated and slain in battle on the river Idle by Edwin, who was assisted by the East Anglian king Raedwald.

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Bede states that Radwald was the son of Tytili, the son of Wuffa, from whom the East Anglian royal family derived their name Wuffingas.

From Yorkshire to the flat indented sea-coast north of the Thames estuary, east of the Pennines and the slight hills indicated as the Northampton uplands, and in part demarcated southward by the East Anglian ridge in Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, the land, although divided between a succession of river-systems, varies so little in level as to be capable of consideration as a single plain.

In 1897 Mrs Garrett Anderson was elected president of the East Anglian branch of the British Medical Association.

Successive portions of this line of heights are known as the Western Downs, the White Horse Hills, the Chiltern Hills, the East Anglian Ridge, the Lincolnshire Wolds and the Yorkshire Wolds.

It is more probably Rusking, an Anglian family, which passed northwards and became Ruskyn, Rusken and Ruskin.

The peace determined the boundary of Guthrum's East Anglian kingdom.

So Tuscan became the type of Italian, and Anglian of English.