Sentence Examples with the word Angled

The angles of his face were too sharp for traditional male beauty, but she admitted he was sexy in a dark, sinister way with his low brow, large gold eyes, and angled features.

The snow continued to fall as Dean pulled in front of Bird Song, angled his Jeep as best he could in the drifts, and climbed to the porch.

She angled herself toward the light, until she could see the black ribbon of demon essence entwined with the brilliant red stream of her blood.

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He raised her sword arm and angled her sword while explaining.

In the papyrus marshes the hippopotamus was slain with harpoons, the wild boar, too, was probably hunted, and the sportsman brought down wild-fowl with the boomerang, or speared or angled for fish.

The room she stepped into was triangular shaped, consisting of a wall of angled windows, small tables against the other wall, and round seats facing the windows.

The man gazing back at him was wiry and lean with angled features and swirling gold eyes.

Sofia followed him as the halls angled up and narrowed until Two had to walk through them sideways.