Sentence Examples with the word Andy

The innocuous challenge by Moses saw a penalty awarded which Andy Stephens could do nothing about.

I looked up Andy Gordon and found lots of pictures of his paintings, but no pictures of him, and very little information about him.

Dean and Andy Sackler, his partner on the variety store hold up, methodically checked leads until they arrested two youths ages 14 and 12 who admitted to the robbery.

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Dean and Andy Sackler spent the rest of the day trying in vain to chase down the final movements of the late Mr. Homer Flanders before the Colombians enlarged his grin.

Well, Andy Jackson, get down here and clean the mud from my boots.

He could babysit Baratto until a reasonable hour and then either call Anderson and turn him over to Andy Sackler, who was now in charge of the Wassermann case.

It was one of her favorite artists, Andy Gordon.

It was either an original or an excellent copy, signed by Andy Gordon.

Tom DeLeo had the day off and Andy Sackler was back at the motel holding hands with Vinnie Baratto.

There was no such thing as a cheap painting by Andy Gordon.