Sentence Examples with the word Andre

Having played the patient sounding board to the Council members for thousands of years, Andre was adept at discretion.

Rhyn eyed him, suspecting it was an insult, while Gabriel recalled how polished Andre was.

Whenever Andre tried his shit, her head felt foggy, and right now, she was foggy.

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Chautard, Etude geaphysique et geologique sur le Fouta-Djallon (Paris, 1905); Andre Arcin, La Guinee francaise (Paris, 1906), a valuable monograph; J.

Manoel de Portugal, Pero de Andrade Caminha, Diogo Bernardes, Frei Agostinho da Cruz and Andre Falcao de Resende continued the erudite school, which, after considerable opposition, definitely triumphed in the person of Luiz de Camoens.

She waited for him to say something about all that Andre had pried out of her.

The only brother not to declare outright war on him, Kiki was a distant second to Andre in his tepid support of their black sheep of a young brother.

Gabriel didn't react, instead motioning to Andre to do something about Rhyn, who was ready to explode.

No. Sasha defected to the Dark One then killed Andre and was himself killed by a traitor.

Armand Beauvais and Jacques Dupre (acting) Andre B.