Sentence Examples with the word Anderson

The lieutenant motioned for Dean to follow into his office at the end of the hall where Anderson reiterated the meager details of the Byrne case.

Leland Anderson burst out of his office.

Lieutenant Anderson was leaning toward natural causes.

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This pulled some of the heat from the Parkside Police Department, and even the Ice Lady seemed to be backing off, improving her editorial chastisement and the mood of Lieutenant Anderson with it.

The Anderson Institute, at the south end, was constructed as a secondary school in 1862 by Arthur Anderson, a native, who also presented the Widows' Asylum in the same quarter, an institution intended by preference for widows of Shetland sailors.

From what I've heard, he and Miss Anderson are more than friends.

In 1897 Mrs Garrett Anderson was elected president of the East Anglian branch of the British Medical Association.

Before leaving, Dean wrote a message to Lieutenant Anderson about the car that seemed to have followed him.

Leland Anderson wanted Dean to spend Sunday with Vinnie at the motel.

Dean could picture Marian Anderson standing there in a silk robe, cigarette holder in hand, looking every bit the wealthy socialite she was.