Sentence Examples with the word Anchor

On the abutment towers the chains are connected by horizontal links, carried on rockers, to anchor ties.

Even the splash of the anchor in the water, and the noise of the cable running out through the hawse-hole, in no way disturbed them at their occupation, or caused them to evince the slightest curiosity.

Moreover, in the infancy of the first Australian settlement, the emigrants were several times saved from starvation by the benevolent biscuit of the whale-ship luckily dropping an anchor in their waters.

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Morphine is a sheet anchor in the later stages of cancer and other painful diseases, rendering the life of the patient one of comparative comfort.

You'd just loop your line through a set up or a fixed anchor and rappel down.

The stock of the anchor rests on the cat-head when hung outside the ship. The name is also used of a type of a vessel, now obsolete, and formerly used in the coal and timber trade on the north-east coast of England; it had a deep waist and narrow stem; it is still applied to a small rig of sailing boats, with a single mast stepped far forward, with a fore and aft sail.

Duquesne was able to reach Messina and join the French ships at anchor there.

Now, what is remarkable in these and many other reactions is not only that effects apparently very opposite may result from minute differences of molecular construction, but also that, whatever the construction, agents, not wholly indifferent to the body or part, tend to anchor themselves to organic molecules in some way akin to them.

Span, the river arms 105 ft., and the suspended girder 80 ft., the total distance between anchor piers being 584 ft.

The admirals, therefore, decided to stand into the bay and anchor among the Egyptian and Turkish ships.