Sentence Examples with the word Anatolia

When Constantinople became the seat of government the trade between Anatolia and the W.

The cult in fact corresponds in its main outlines with the early religious conceptions of Syria and a large part of Anatolia - a correspondence probably explained by a considerable amount of ethnic affinity existing between a large section of the primitive Cretan population and that of southern Asia Minor.

Above them were the beylerbeys of Anatolia and Rumelia, who served under the orders of the commander-in-chief.

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Many caravanserais in Syria, Mesopotamia and Anatolia have considerable architectural merit; their style of construction is in general that known as Saracenic; their massive walls are of hewn stone; their proportions apt and grand.

Another Sinan Pasha was governor of Anatolia at the time of Mahommed II.'s death in 1481.

This Semitic population in Anatolia is an important recent discovery.

It is a centre of American missionary and educational enterprise, and the seat of Anatolia College, a theological seminary, and schools which were partly destroyed in the antiArmenian riots of 1893 and 1895.

The Erzerum vilayet extends from the Persian frontier at Bayazid, all along the Russian frontier and westward into Anatolia at Baiburt and Erzingan.

In 1843 the corps d'armee of Constantinople, Rumelia, Anatolia and Arabia were formed, and a military council was appointed.

The Greeks are of an especially fine type, physical and moral, and noted all through Anatolia for energy and stability.