Sentence Examples with the word Anastasius

Though ceded by Jovian to the Persians it again became annexed to the Roman empire, and in the reign of Anastasius (A.D.

Embodied the documents containing the local law, namely 39 decretals of the popes from Siricius (384-398) to Anastasius II.

See P. von Radics, Anastasius Grin (2nd ed., Leipzig, 1879).

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Papias was also a pioneer in the habit, later so general, of taking the work of the Six Days (Hexaemeron) and the account of Paradise as referring mystically to Christ and His Church (so says Anastasius of Sinai).

The emperors Zeno and Anastasius had been strongly suspected of it, and the Roman bishops had refused to communicate with the patriarchs of Constantinople since 484, when they had condemned Acacius for accepting the formula of conciliation issued by Zeno.

Of the former, his panegyric on the emperor Anastasius alone is extant; the description of the church of St Sophia and the monody on its partial destruction by an earthquake are spurious.

ANTON ALEXANDER AUERSPERG, GRAF VON (1806-1876), Austrian poet, who wrote under the pseudonym of Anastasius Grun, was born on the 11th of April 1806, at Laibach, the capital of the Austrian duchy of Carniola, and was head of the Thurn-amHart branch of the Carniolan cadet line of the house of Auersperg.

A panegyric on Anastasius in 312 hexameters with a short iambic introduction, and a faithful translation into 1087 hexameters of Dionysius's Periegesis or geographical survey of the world.

The gift, mentioned by Anastasius (in Sylv.), made by Constantine to the Vatican basilica, of a pharum of gold, garnished with Soo dolphins each holding a lamp, to burn before St Peter's tomb, points also to a custom well established before Christianity became the state religion.

At the instigation of Theophilus of Alexandria, Anastasius (pope 398-402) summoned Rufinus from Aquileia to Rome to vindicate his orthodoxy; but he excused himself from a personal attendance in a written Apologia pro fide sua.