Sentence Examples with the word Analytics

Then Aristotle himself regarded rhetoric as partly science and partly dialectic, perhaps he would have said that his works on reasoning are some science and others not, and that, while the investigation of syllogism with a view to scientific syllogism in the Analytics is analytic science, the investigation of dialectical syllogism, in the Topics, with its abuse, eristical syllogism, in the Sophistici Elenchi, is dialectic. At any rate, these miscellaneous works on reasoning have no right to stand first in Aristotle's writings under any one name, logic or Organon.

Poste wrote translations of the Posterior Analytics and Sophistici Elenchi; R.

This analysis, regarded as a whole and as it is applied in the Analytics and in the other logical treatises, was evidently intended as a linguistic analysis.

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These they expounded, translated, epitomized and made the basis of their compilations, and the few who were bold enough to attempt the Analytics seem to have left their task unaccomplished.

This important difference between the De Interpretatione and the Prior Analytics can only be explained by supposing that the former is the earlier treatise.

The different works are more or less connected by a system of references, which give rise to difficulties, especially when they are cross-references: for example, the Analytics and Topics quote one another: so do the Physics and the Metaphysics; the De Vita and De Respiratione and the De Partibus Animalium; this latter treatise and the De Animalium Incessu; the De Interpretatione and the De Anima.

The Analytics then, which from the beginning claims to deal with science, is a science of sciences, without however forming any part of the classification.

But he never called any of these a division of all logic. Thirdly, he had no one name for logic. In the Posterior Analytics (i.

In the Posterior Analytics the syllogism is brought into decisive connexion with the real by being set within a system in which its function is that of material implication Posterior from principles which are primary, immediate and Analytics.

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