Sentence Examples with the word Anacletus

A second expedition of Lothair expelled Roger of Sicily (to whom Anacletus had given the title of king in return for his support) from southern Italy, but a quarrel with Innocent prevented the emperor attacking Rome.

And Anacletus II., both declared against him; the Romans repudiated him; and after failing to seize the extensive possessions left by Matilda, marchioness of Tuscany, he returned to Germany in 1132.

At this crisis, in January 1138, Anacletus died, and a successor elected by his faction, as Victor IV., resigned after two months.

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The renewal of lay investiture as reward for driving the antipope Anacletus from Rome, but the opposition of St Bernard and the German prelates was so potent that the king dropped his demand, and Innocent in 1133 confirmed the concordat.

There are ruins of the castle constructed in the 9th or 10th century, in which the antipope Anacletus II.

The ardour he had displayed in securing the recognition of Innocent and defending him against his enemies, particularly the anti-pope Anacletus and the kingdom of the Two Sicilies, involved him in a course which was not precisely favourable to the imperial rights.

Its immediate task was to neutralize the after-effects of the schism, which had only been terminated in the previous year by the death of Anacletus II.

And Anacletus II., were clamouring for his support.

After a hasty consecration he was forced to take refuge with a friendly noble by the faction of Pierleoni, who was elected pope under the name of Anacletus II.