Sentence Examples with the word Anabaptist

Nor can even so cursory a sketch omit to mention Bernardino Ochino and the Anabaptist Hiibmaier.

His first duty was to examine the Anabaptist prisoners in the Tower.

In these latter the earlier Brownist or even Anabaptist spirit probably prevailed.

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The beginnings of the Anabaptist movement proper were in Zurich, where Wilheld Reubli (1480-1554), Konrad Grebel (d.

But three earls of his own house - Carlisle, Suffolk and Berkshire - and the Lord Howard of Escrick, an ex-trooper of Cromwell's guard and an anabaptist sectary, gave their votes against him, his nephew Mowbray being the only peer of his name in the minority for acquittal.

To his translation (1530) of a Latin Chronicle and Description of Turkey, by a Transylvanian captive, which had been prefaced by Luther, he added an appendix holding up the Turks as in many respects an example to Christians, and presenting in lieu of the restrictions of Lutheran, Zwinglian and Anabaptist sects, the vision of an invisible spiritual church, universal in its scope.

The name Ambrosians is also given to a 16th-century Anabaptist sect, which laid claim to immediate communication with God through the Holy Ghost.

Reference has already been made to the reason why a common Anabaptist confession was never made public. Probably, however, the earliest confession of faith of any Baptist community is that given by Zwingli in the second part of his Elenchus contra Catabaptistas, published in 1527.

The total defeat of the insurgents at Frankenhausen (l'viay 1 5, 1525), followed as it was by the execution of Minzer and several other leaders, proved only a temporary check to the Anabaptist movement.

Though it was an attempt to bring into line with the reforming party both those who still inclined to the old faith and the anabaptist section, its publication provoked a good deal of controversy, especially on its statements concerning the Eucharist, and the people of Strassburg even reproached those of Basel with celebrating a Christless supper.