Sentence Examples with the word Amphictyonic

The Aetolians also used the Amphictyonic synod for passing solemn enactments.

Matters of greater importance, as the levy of an extraordinary fine on a state or the declaration of a sacred war, it presented in the form of a resolution to an assembly (EKKXrtvia), composed of the deputies, the amphictyonic priests, and any other citizens of the league who chanced to be present (Aeschin.

The second division comprises the speeches spoken against Philip when, by admission to the Amphictyonic Council, he had now won his way within the circle of the Greek states, and when the issue was no longer between Greece and Macedonia, but between the Greek and Macedonian parties in Greece.

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Thus the old Amphictyonic oath forbade certain extreme measures of hostility against any city sharing in the common Amphictyonic worship, and it was forbidden to raze any Amphictyonic city or to cut off its water.

Again the Amphictyonic unions had one of the x.

In 339, as one of the Athenian deputies (pylagorae) in the Amphictyonic Council, he made a speech which brought about the Sacred War.

The pretext was the contumacy shown by the Locrian town Amphissa to the rulings of the Amphictyonic Council.

The Amphictyonic Council represented Greece as an ecclesiastical synod represented western Christendom.

Since 290 it had extended its power over all the uplands of central Greece, where its command over Heracleia (280) provided it with an important defensive position against northern invaders, its control of Delphi and the Amphictyonic council with a useful political instrument.

Philip took its place in the Amphictyonic Council, and was thus established as a Greek power in the very centre, at the wa, sacred hearth, of Greece.