Sentence Examples with the word Amos

On the other hand, times of war against a foreign foe meant on the religious side the unification, partial or complete, of the i The allusion in Amos ii.

It is true, the Tekoa just mentioned lies too high for sycomores; so it has been almost too ingeniously supposed that Amos may have owned a plantation of sycomores in the hill country leading down to Philistia, technically called the Shephelah (R.

The other physical features of the great day, the darkening of the lights of heaven, are a standing figure of the prophets from Amos v.

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I dated Amos Croft when I was a girl.

Gaza in fact was a slave emporium as early as the time of Amos (i.

Benton, Edward Livingston, Amos Kendall, and the southern statesmen, found material for strong attacks on the Whigs.

And Uzziah that the first of the extant prophecies begin (see Amos and Hosea).

On the Mississippi river, Cypress and Amos Bayou in Arkansas, forming part of the general system which extends through other states, moo m.

On Amos and Hosea, pp. 58-64 (on the position of the Decalogue in early pre-prophetic religion of Israel); C. A.

The full development of this view seems to lie between the time of Elijah and that of Amos and Hosea - under the dynasty of Jehu, when prophecy, as represented by Elisha and Jonah, stood in the fullest harmony with the patriotic efforts of the age.