Sentence Examples with the word Amis

Monfort, Les Tonga, on Archipel des Amis (Lyons, 1893); B.

The members of the club preserved the title of Amis de la Constitution, as being a sufficient indication of the line they intended to pursue.

Buchez and P. C. Roux (Paris, 1838), and the Histoire de la Revolution par deux amis de la liberte (Paris, 1792-1803).

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On this second visit he became acquainted with some of the leading Abolitionists, and founded later in Paris a Societe des Amis des Noirs, of which he was president during 1790 and 1791.

Jundt (Les Amis de Dieu, 1879) shared Preger's view that the Friend was a great unknown who lived in or near Chur (Coire) in Switzerland.

The plot of the medieval romance of Amis and Amiles is built entirely on such a brotherhood.

See also the latter's Rousseau et ses amis (1865).

Herriot, Madame de Recamier et ses amis (1904); Sainte-Beuve in Derniers portraits litteraires (B.

Gaullieur in the same review in 1857, and all the available material is utilized in a monograph on her and her work by P. Godet, Madame de Charriere et ses amis (2 vols., Geneva, 1906).

About 1820 he united some patriotic friends into a society, called Amis de la verite.