Sentence Examples with the word Ames

In England, multiple algebra was developed by j ames Joseph Sylvester, who, in company with Arthur Cayley, expanded the theory of matrices, the germs of which are to be found in the writings of Hamilton (see above, under (B); and Quaternions).

WILLIAM AMES (1576-1633), English Puritan divine, better known, especially in Europe, as Amesius, was born of an ancient family at Ipswich, Suffolk, in 1576, and was educated at the local grammar school and at Christ's College, Cambridge, where, as throughout his life, he was an omnivorous student.

OAKES AMES (1804-1873), American manufacturer, capitalist and politician, was born in Easton, Massachusetts, on the 10th of January 1804.

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Subsequently Ames entered into a controversy in print with Grevinchovius on universal redemption and election, and cognate problems. He brought together all he had maintained in his Coronis ad Collationem Hagiensem - his most masterful book, which figures largely in Dutch church history.

At Leiden, Ames became intimate with the venerable Mr Goodyear, pastor of the English church there.

His son, Oliver Ames (1831-1895), was lieutenantgovernor of Massachusetts from 1883 until 1887, and governor from 1887 to 1890.

In disposing of some of the stock of this company, Ames in1867-1871sold a number of shares to members of Congress at a price much below what these shares eventually proved to be worth.

J ames Butcher (acting) .

The state established a university at Iowa City in 1847, a State Agricultural College and Model Farm in 1858 (opened at Ames in 1869 as the Iowa State College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts), an Agricultural Experiment Station in 1887, an Engineering Experiment Station in 1904, and a normal school at Cedar Falls in 1876.

He died at Ames on the 21st of February 1887.