Sentence Examples with the word Amenophis

The most brilliant age of glazes was under Amenophis III.

There may have been an earlier temple here, but the present structure, dedicated to the Theban triad of Ammon, Mut and Khons, was erected by Amenophis III.

This queen is by some supposed to have introduced into Egypt certain exotic ideas which blossomed in the reign of Amenophis IV.

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In the XXIst Dynasty, when tomb robberies were rife and most of their valuables had been stolen, the royal mummies were removed from place to place and at last deposited for safety in the tomb of Amenophis II.

Thirteen miles south of Sai at Soleb are the ruins of a fine temple commemorating Amenophis (Amenhotep) III.

And III., the conquerors of Syria and makers of the empire, Amenophis III., the great builder, whose likeness is preserved in the colossi of Memnon, probably also his son, Amenophis IV.

Blue frit paint was freely used, in lines and bands around vases; it spread to large surfaces under Amenophis IV., and continued in a poor style into the Ramesside age.

Mineptah has left few original works; the Osireum at Abydos is the only one of which much remains, his funerary temple having been destroyed as completely as he destroyed that of Amenophis Ill.

The legend of Adapa, the first man, a portion of which was found in the record-office of the Egyptian king Amenophis IV.

Men of genius were not wanting in the long history of Egypt; two doctors, Imhotp (Imuthes), the architect of Zoser, in the, Ilird Dynasty, and Amenophis (Amenhotp), son of Hap, the wise scribe under Amenophis III.