Sentence Examples with the word Ambushed

Hostilities were then una voidable, and the first passage at arms occurred on the 24th of April 1846; when a large force of Mexicans on the east bank of the Rio Grande ambushed and captured a small party of American dragoons under Captain Seth B.

Fetterman and seventy-eight men from Fort Phil Kearny were ambushed and slain.

Bronkhorst Spruit, where in December 1880 a detachment of British soldiers was ambushed by the Boers, lies about 30 m.

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After 1891, in which year the Wahehe tribe ambushed and almost completely annihilated a German military force of 350 men under Baron von Zelewski, there were for many years no serious risings against German authority, which by the end of 1898 had been established over almost the whole of the hinterland.

Frankfort (said to have been named after Stephen Frank, one of an early pioneer party ambushed here by Indians) was founded in 1786 by General James Wilkinson, then deeply interested in trade with the Spanish at New Orleans, and in the midst of his Spanish intrigues.

The Deidres were lured into the shadow world and ambushed by death dealers.

The latter, invading the kingdom with a large army, was skilfully ambushed at Galuccio on the Garigliano (22 July 1139).

We left the compound and got ambushed by people we mistook for refugees.