Sentence Examples with the word Ambrosio

The reader may also consultfor the earlier periodFlorian de Ocampo and Ambrosio de Morales, whose combined works are known as the Crnica general de Espana (fol.

BERNARDO O'HIGGINS (1778-1842), one of the foremost leaders in the Chilean struggle for independence and head of the first permanent national government, was a natural son of the Irishman Ambrosio O'Higgins, governor of Chile (1788-1796), and was born at Chillan on the 20th of August 1778.

At last when reduced to a heap of ruins, Ostend fell before the resolution of Ambrosio de Spinola, a Genoese banker, to whom the command of the besiegers had been entrusted (see Spinola).

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Sir Peter (D): Sir Harry (D), Archduke (D), Ditto (D), Paris (D), Hermione (0), Parasite (0), Ambrosio (L), Fyldener (L), Paulina (L), Petronius (L).