Sentence Examples with the word Amber

This pressed amber yields brilliant interference colours in polarized light.

He glanced up and met her startled gaze with eyes the color of fine amber - not brown, not yellow, but an indistinct mixture of both.

Arnold Buffum, The Tears of the Heliades, or Amber as a Gem (London, 1896).

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Experiments were also tried with a violet-coloured glass, a violet opal, a transparent black and with glasses shading from red to blue, red to amber and blue to green.

No noteworthy fossil spiders are known; the best-preserved are in amber of Oligocene age.

The Psocidae themselves have not been traced back beyond the Oligocene, in the amber of which period their remains are fairly numerous.

Thenceforth Seto became the headquarters of the manufacture of cha-no-yu utensils, and many of the tiny pieces turned out there deserve high admiration, their technique being perfect, and their mahogany, russet-brown, amber and buff glazes showing wonderful lustre and richness.

The amber gaze searched her face expectantly.

His arm slipped around her waist, drawing her close, and she stared up into those unusual amber eyes.

The scent of oak and amber and his calming presence eased some of her tension while filling her lower belly with fire.