Sentence Examples with the word Alula

Fearing a new attack, General Gene withdrew his forces from Saati, Wa and Arafali; but the losses of the Abyssinians at Saati and Dogali had been so heavy as to dissuade Alula from further hostilities.

Ras Alula died February 1897, aged about 52.

The chief town in the interior is Asmara, the capital of the colony and under the Abyssinians capital of the province of Hamasen, and favourite headquarters of Ras Alula (see below and also Abyssinia).

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On the 23rd of September Ras Alula attacked him there with an equal number of men.

Angered by this step, Ras Alula took prisoners the members of an Italian exploring party commanded by Count Salimbeni, and held them as hostages for the evacuation of Wa.

On the 25th of January 1887 Ras Alula attacked Saati, but was repulsed with loss.