Sentence Examples with the word Altis

The coating of earth over the Altis had an average depth of no less than 16 ft.

The apparently strange and inconvenient position of the Stadium relatively to the Altis was due simply to the necessity of obeying the conditions of the ground, here determined by the curve of the loweslopes which bound the valley on the north.

The entrance to the Stadium from the north-east corner of the Altis was a privileged one, reserved for the judges of the games, the competitors and the heralds.

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These images stood at the northern side of the Agora, in a row, which extended from the north-east angle of the Metroum to the gate of the private entrance from the Altis into the Stadium.

The Agora was the name given to that part of the Altis which had the Porch of Echo on the east, the Altar of Zeus on the west, the Metroum on the north, and the precinct of the Temple of Zeus on the south-west.

The other, which served for the treasure-houses, passed in front of the Porch of Echo parallel with the line of the east Altis wall.

The three temples of the Altis were those of Zeus, Hera and the Mother of the gods.