Sentence Examples with the word Althaea

The most famous of these stories is contained in the Thdttr of Nornagesti, and has a curious resemblance to the Greek legend of Althaea and Meleager.

Sometimes the anther has a single cavity, and becomes unilocular, or monothecal, or dimidiate, either by the disappearance of the partition between the two lobes, or by the abortion of one of its lobes, as in Styphelia laeta and Althaea officinalis (hollyhock).

His wile was wickeder than the wile of the Trojan horse, than the wile of Althaea or of Scylla.

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When Althaea heard this, she cursed.

According to a later tradition, not known to Homer, the Moerae appeared to Althaea when Meleager was seven days old, and announced that the child would only live as long as the log blazing on the hearth remained unconsumed.

A war broke out between the Calydonians and Curetes (led by Althaea's brothers) about the disposal of the head and skin, which Meleager awarded as a prize to Atalanta, who had inflicted the first wound; the brothers of Althaea lay in wait for Atalanta and robbed her of the spoils, but were slain by Meleager.