Sentence Examples with the word Altertum

Gilbert, Geschichte and Topographie der Stadt Rom im Altertum (1883-1885), and J.

Von Jhering, Die Gastfreundschaft im Altertum (1887); see also Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (3rd ed., 1890).

Das klassische Altertum (1902), p. 370.

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Several periodical publications, Ober Kunst and Altertum (1816-1832), Zur Naturwissenschaft iiberhaupt (1817-1824), Zur Morphologic (1817-1824), bear witness to the extraordinary breadth of Goethe's interests in these years.

His collected speeches and lectures were published under the title of Altertum and Gegenwart (5th ed., 1903 foll.), to which a third volume was added under the title of Unter drei Kaisern (2nd ed., 1895).

Fechner, Geschichte des schlesischen Bergand Hiittenwesens 1741-1806 (Berlin, 1903); see also the Zeitschrift des Vereins fiir Geschichte and Altertum Schlesiens (Breslau, 1855 sqq.), and Oberschlesische Heimat, Zeitschrift des oberschlesischen Geschichtsvereins (Oppeln, 1905 sqq.).