Sentence Examples with the word Alta

These highlands, with the mountains of Jaen and Almeria on the east, constitute Andalucia Alta or Upper Andalusia.

Or how Google displaced Alta Vista.

The Latin tale by Jean de Haute Seille (Johannes de Alta Silva) in his Dolopathos (ed.

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Balthazar Telles made large use of the information therein in his Historia geral da Ethiopia a Alta (Coimbra, 1660), often erroneously attributed to Lobo (see Machado's Bibliotheca Lusitana).

Long, connects the principal cities along the north and west coasts and those as far east as Ponce on the south coast; a railway between Ponce and Guayama, farther east, was virtually completed in 1910, and the Vega Alta railroad connects Vega Alta with Dorado on the north coast; but there are no inland railways and most of the products of the interior are carried to the coast in carts drawn by bullocks or on the backs of mules.

The Goodrich House (1897), the Hiram House and the Alta House are among the best equipped and most efficient social settlements in the country.

Passo della Lobbia Alta (Lobbia Glacier to the Mandron Glacier), snow..

Massaja, I miei Trentacinque anni di Missione nell' Alta Etiopia (to vols., Milan, 1886-1893).

Beyond the Alcazaba Emery Walker se is the palace of the Moorish kings, or Alhambra properly so-called; and beyond this, again, is the Alhambra Alta (Upper Alhambra), originally tenanted by officials and courtiers.