Sentence Examples with the word Alphonse

This fact, joined to other considerations, induced Alphonse de Candolle to consider rice as a native of China.

On the other hand, Alphonse de Candolle, from philological and other considerations, considers the peach to be of Chinese origin.

As to the origin of the peach two views are held, that of Alphonse de Candolle, who attributes all cultivated varieties to a distinct species, probably of Chinese origin, and that adopted by many naturalists, but more especially by Darwin, who looks upon the peach as a modification of the almond.

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Jean Alphonse Turretin (1671-1737), son of the preceding, was born at Geneva on the 13th of August 1671.

This revival of Church and monastic influence began during the reign of Alphonso XII., 1877-1885, and considerably increased afterwards under the regency of Queen Christina, during the long minority of Alphonse XIII., the godson of Pope Leo XIII.

V., 1892.) heart differs in Limulus from the arrangement obtaining in Scorpio, in that a pair of lateral commissural arteries exist in Limulus (as described by Alphonse Milne-Edwards (6)) leading to a suppression of the more primitive direct connexion of the four pairs of posterior II.

Humboldt, Alphonse de Candolle and others, however, do not hesitate to say that it originated solely in America, where it had been long and extensively cultivated at the period of the discovery of the New World; and that is the generally accepted modern view.

De la restauration (Paris, 1860-1878); Alphonse de Lamartine, Hist.

AUGUSTE JOSEPH ALPHONSE GRATRY (1805-1872), French author and theologian, was born at Lille on the 10th of March 1805.

After another minority of confusion, Alphonso, surnamed of the Rio Salado, from the great Alphonse victory he won over an invading host from Africa, XI., 1312ruled with energy and real political capacity.