Sentence Examples with the word Alpha

Sarah could never understand why; she guessed it was some macho alpha male thing, but Jackson would occasionally go out looking for trouble.

She'd long since learned how to manipulate alpha males, and it wasn't by going head-to-head with them.

Thus in the true idea of things there is no irreducible residuum of matter: mind is the Alpha and Omega, at once the initial postulate and the final truth of reality.

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The grand entrance was by the richly carved west door, above which was the Alpha window.

In 1920 he was able to demonstrate by means of light-interference that the diameter of Alpha Orionis was 260,000,000 miles.

A website called Wolfram Alpha is amazing to me, especially in its aspirations.

I'm not going on blind dates or being hooked up with hairy alpha males.

By the word alphabet, derived from the Greek names for the first two letters - alpha and beta - of the Greek alphabet, is meant a series of conventional symbols each indicating a single sound or combination of sounds.