Sentence Examples with the word Allis

Other suburbs are West Allis (pop., 1905, 2306; local est., 1908, 7500), an incorporated rapidly growing manufacturing city on the west; Cudahy (pop., 1905, 2556), a manufacturing village south of Milwaukee, largely devoted to meat packing; South Milwaukee (pop., 1905, 6284), an incorporated city with several large manufactories, and North Milwaukee (pop., 1905, 1236), a village immediately adjoining the city on the north.

Frazer, Adonis, Allis and Osiris (London, 1907), pp. 12 sqq., 401.

Common to allis the president(Regierungsprasident, Kreishauptmann in Saxony), an official who, with a committee of advisers, is responsible for the oversight of the administration of the circles and communes within his jurisdiction.

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Two species occur in Europe, much resembling each other - one commonly called allis shad (Clupea alosa or Alosa vulgaris), and the other known as twaite shad(Clupea finta or Alosa finta).

In the Elbe the twaite shad spawns below Hamburg, the allis shad above Dresden.

The allis shad is caught at a size from 15 to 24 in., and is better flavoured than the twaite shad, which is generally smaller.

So closely allied are these two fishes that their distinctness can be proved only by an examination of the gill-apparatus, the allis shad having from sixty to eighty very fine and long gill-rakers along the concave edge of the first branchial arch, whilst the twaite shad possesses from twenty-one to twenty-seven stout and stiff gill-rakers only.