Sentence Examples with the word Alley

The chapter-house opens out of the same alley of the cloister.

He emerged into the alley in time to see her replace a phone in her pocket.

A dog barked down the alley and Dean turned to see a man walking a collie as his wife looked on from a doorway.

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Deidre let the group jostle her down a small hallway that emptied out into an alley behind the row of buildings.

She breathed deeply and trailed him through the alley to the main street.

He left for the mortal world and emerged in an alley in some large city.

The two vamps behind the first went down with one shot each, and he grunted as the others racing down the opposite side of the alley managed to plant two rounds in him before he blasted all of them to hell.

The driver had driven in circles and down every back alley he could find until Jule was confident there was no one tailing them.

The hum around the Other assured Jule there was only one person in the alley without any sort of otherworldly power.

He didn't go the way they did but cut through an alley towards the center of the city.