Sentence Examples with the word Aller

LUNEBURGER HEIDE, a district of Germany, in the Prussian province of Hanover, lying between the Aller and the Elbe and intersected by the railways Harburg-Hanover and BremenStendal.

After Wahres Christentum, his best-known work is Paradiesgdrtlein aller christlichen Tugenden, which was published in 1612.

During this time he wrote his work on the development of dogma, Systematische Entwickelung aller in der Dogmatik vorkommenden Begriffe nach den symbolischen Schriften der evangelisch-lutherischen and reformirten Kirche (1805, 4th ed.

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The three chief rivers of the province are the Elbe in the north-east, where it mainly forms the boundary and receives the navigable tributaries Jeetze, Ilmenau, Seve, Este, Luhe, Schwinge and Medem; the Weser in the centre, with its important tributary the Aller (navigable from Celle downwards); and in the west the Ems, with its tributaries the Aa and the Leda.

Such was the origin of the work, written in four weeks, the Versuch einer Kritik aller Offenbarung (Essay towards a Critique of all Revelation).

In the same year he published his Anleitung zur Religion iiberhaupt and zum Allgemeinen des Christenthums besonders; fiir die Jugend hiherer and gebildeter Stdnde aller Religionsparteien.