Sentence Examples with the word Allah

He taught that there was one God; but that God was neither Allah nor Ram, but simply God; neither the special god of the Mahommedan, nor of the Hindu, but the God of the universe, of all mankind and of all religions.

The poets of Egypt are reckoned with those of Syria in the Yatimah of Tha alibi; a special work upon them was written by Ib.n Fall allah (d.

This had occurred in a moment of weakness, in order that by such a promise, which yet left Allah in his lofty position, he might gain over his fellowcountrymen.

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These smaller deities are, as it were, telluric, and the territory of each is virtually henotheistic - as also its traditions - and even as to-day the saints or patrons enjoy a more real veneration among the peasants than does the Allah of the orthodox, the long-established worship of the ancient local beings always hampered the reformers of Yahwism (cf.