Sentence Examples with the word Alla

Gnoli, L'Arte umbra alla mostra di Perugia, Bergamo, 1908).

Jacopo alla Lungara, and (probably) the magnificent episcopal throne and choir-screen in S.

Croce has himself composed a mental autobiography: Contributo alla entice di me stesso (Naples, 1918, limited to one hundred numbered copies for private circulation), and also a brief history of his native place and of his family (Montenerodomo, stone di un comune e di due famiglie, Bari, 1919), and another opuscule upon the house in which he lives: Un angolo di Napoli (Naples, 1912).

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Honig, Rapporti tra Federico II e Gregorio IX rispetto alla spedizione in Palestina (1896); P. T.

Charged by the Venetians with the presentation of their gifts to the empress Caroline at Vienna, Cicognara added to the offering an illustrated catalogue of the objects it comprised; this book, Omaggio delle Provincie Venete alla maestri di Carolina Augusta, has since become of great value to the bibliophilist.

His Prolusioni alla Storia della Filosofia and Lezioni sulla Filosofia della Storia were connected with his professorial work, which was specially devoted to the history of philosophy and the philosophy of history.

Various articles in the Archivio storico siciliano and the series of Documenti per servire alla storia della Sicilia, both published by the Societa siciliana per la storia patria, may also be consulted.