Sentence Examples with the word All that is

Voltaire never wrote anything equal to Omars fascinating rhapsodies in praise of wine, love and all earthly joys, and his passionate denunciations of a malevolent and inexorable fate which dooms to slow decay or sudden death and to eternal oblivion all that is great, good and beautiful in this world.

It also expresses all that is necessary in this connexion.

Second only to Tegner in genius, the brief life and mysterious death of Erik Johan Stagnelius (1793-1823) have given a romantic interest to all that is connected with his name.

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The beautiful Consolation a Duperier, in which occurs the famous line Et, rose, elle a vecu ce que vivent les roses the odes to Marie de' Medici and to Louis XIII., and a few other pieces comprise all that is really worth remembering of him.

We expect immortality not merely because we desire it; but because the desire itself arises from all that is best and truest and worthiest in ourselves.

It was, in his judgment, quite in accordance with the genius of the Catholic Church that she should continuously assimilate all that is worthy in the civilization around.

These run in wet seasons, but in every instance for a short distance only, and sooner or later they are lost in sand-hills, where their waters disappear and a line of stunted gum-trees (Eucalyptus rostrata) is all that is present to indicate that there may be even a soakage to mark the abandoned course.

I.-iv., supplemented by the Spanish and Venetian Calendars, contain almost all that is known of Wolsey's public career, though additional light on the divorce has been thrown by Stephen Ehses' Romische Dokumente (1893).

Cruise, entitled Outline of the Life of Thomas a Kempis (1904), contains substantially all that is known concerning him.

If, however, the bird is fairly launched in space and a stiff breeze is blowing, all that is required in many instances is to extend the wings at a slight upward angle to the horizon so that the under parts of the wings present kite-like surfaces.