Sentence Examples with the word All The Above

In all the above cases there is no divergence among the MSS.

There are notaries and clerks, auditors for each parish elected by the heads of families, police agents and bailiffs, chosen and sworn in, like all the above officers, by the Council General.

Summaries of his system and writings are given in all the above biographies, also in Edmund Swift, Manual of the Doctrines of the New Church (London, 1885); and T.

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Examples of all the above tendencies may be gleaned from the returns of the countries named in the table, though space does not admit of their exhibtion.

Then a disappears from all the above expressions.

With the public the general term astrachan is an old one, embracing all the above curly sorts; the flatter kinds, as broadtail and caracul lamb, have always been named separately.

If all the above fail, (4) some inmate of the house, or the person causing the body of the deceased to be buried.

In all the above mentioned families of Homoptera there are three segments in each foot.