Sentence Examples with the word Alisphenoid

The tympanic process of the alisphenoid bone of the skull is short, not covering the cavity of the tympanum, nor reaching the paroccipital process.

The incisive foramina are large and usually confluent; the bony palate is very narrow from before backwards; there is no alisphenoid canal; the fibula is welded to the tibia, and articulates with the calcaneum; and the testes are permanently external.

In the skull the infra-orbital foramen is narrow, and postorbital processes and an alisphenoid canal are absent.

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No alisphenoid canal.

An alisphenoid canal.

There is a distinct alisphenoid canal for the passage of the internal maxillary artery.

An alisphenoid canal may be present on the palatal aspect of the skull; but there is always a transverse canal.

The base of the cranium is long and narrow; the alisphenoid is very obliquely perforated by the foramen rotundum, but the foramen ovale is confluent with the large foramen lacerum medium behind.

From the Phascolomyidae, the two families, which may be collectively designated Phalangeroidea, differ by the circumstance that in the skull the tympanic process of the alisphenoid covers the tympanic cavity and reaches the paroccipital process.

The post-glenoid, post-tympanic and paroccipital processes of the skull are large, and there is an alisphenoid canal.