Sentence Examples with the word Algonquian

Nyack was named from a tribe of Algonquian Indians.

Bones and implements have been found in the Quaternary gravels at Trenton, which have been held by some authorities to prove the presence of Palaeolithic man; but the earliest inhabitants of New Jersey of whom there is any certain record were the Lenni-Lennape or Delaware Indians, a branch of the Algonquian family.

Other tribes were of less importance; and tribes of other families - with the exception of the Cheyennes and Arapahoes of the Algonquian family, whose permanent hunting grounds embraced the foot-hill country of the West - were of negligible importance, being only roamers within the borders of the state.

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Upon the earliest arrival of Europeans the state was inhabited chiefly by the various tribes of the Miami Confederacy, a league of Algonquian Indians formed to oppose the advance of the Iroquois.

OJIBWAY (OJIBWA), Or Chippeway (Chippewa), the name given by the English to a large tribe of North American Indians of Algonquian stock.

Of much less influence in New York were several Algonquian tribes in the lower valley of the Hudson and along the sea coast,.

In July of that year Samuel de Champlain discovered the lake which bears his name and on its shores led his Algonquian Indian allies against the Iroquois, thus provoking against his countrymen the hostility of a people who for years were to hold the balance of power between the English and the French in America.

But the freedom of trade promoted dangerous relations with the Indians, and an attempt of Kieft to collect a tribute from the Algonquian tribes in the vicinity of Manhattan Island and other indiscretions of this officer provoked Indian hostilities (1641-1645), during which most of the outlying settlements were laid waste.

Illinois is the French form of Iliniwek, the name of a confederacy of Algonquian tribes.