Sentence Examples with the word Algeria

In 1906 the peace strength of the army in France was estimated at 532,593 officers and men; in Algeria 54,580; in Tunis 20,320; total 607,493.

The eastern division of the Atlas, which forms the backbone of Algeria and Tunisia, is adequately known with the exception of the small portion in Morocco forming the province of Er-Rif.

The place is an important station for the caravan trade between Algeria and the countries to the south.

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It may be added that fossil remains of the African elephant have been obtained from Spain, Sicily, Algeria and Egypt, in strata of the Pleistocene age.

The policy followed at this period consisted in assimilating Algeria to France.

Tunisia does not appear to possess the Barbary ape, which is found in Algeria and Morocco.

North-west of Gafsa) and Tebessa in Algeria is strewn on both sides with Roman ruins; the old houses and other ruins at and near Thala; the baths and other ruins of Gafsa; the baths at Tuzer, El Hamma and Gabes.

The similar expenses of Algeria borne by the state are not separately shown, but are estimated at 2,000,000.

They extend from Cape Nun on the west to the Gulf of Gabes on the east, a distance of some i 50o m., traversing Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

The maritime Atlas and the inner ranges in Algeria and Tunisia are then treated under the heading Eastern Ranges.