Sentence Examples with the word Alexis

In pursuit of this heroic enterprise, which excited the loud admiration of Voltaire, she sent a fleet under Alexis Orlov into the Mediterranean in 1770.

Between Nikolas Land and the mainland two islands were discovered and named Alexis and Starokadomski, each with a greatest width of about 6 miles.

In 1088 the emperor Alexis Cornnenus, by a golden bull, which is still preserved, granted the island to St Christodulus for the purpose of founding a monastery.

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He negotiated with Alexis Comnenus at Constantinople, re-established at Nicaea some discipline among the crusaders, caused the siege of Antioch to be raised and died in that city of the plague on the 1st of August 1098.

De Maupertuis, Francois Nicole, Alexis Claude Clairault and others.

He sailed with 16,000 men against the empire in May 1081, and by February 1082 had occupied Corfu and Durazzo, defeating the emperor Alexis before the latter (October 1081).

He was betrothed to Catherine, second daughter of Alexis Dolgoruki, and the wedding was actually fixed for the 30th of January 1730; but on that very day the emperor died of small-pox.

For the First Crusade von Sybel's work and Chalandon's Alexis Ier Comnene may also be mentioned; for the Fourth A.

See Heinrich Jacques, Alexis de Tocqueville; ein Lebensand Geistesbild (Vienna, 1876); James Bryce, The Predictions of Tocqueville (Baltimore, 1887); Count de Puymaigre, Les Souvenirs d'Alexis de Tocqueville (1893); and Correspondance entre Alexis de Tocqueville et Arthur de Gobineau (1908).

Tumults between crusaders and Greeks arose, and the people of the city, excited by a certain Alexis Murzuphlus, murmured at the new taxes which were imposed on them.