Sentence Examples with the word Alexandria

At Alexandria he attended the lectures of Ammonius Saccas, the founder of the system, until 242, when he joined the Persian .expedition of Gordian III., with the object of studying Persian and Indian philosophy on the spot.

On his way at Puteoli, the passengers and crew of a ship just come from Alexandria cheered the old man by their spontaneous homage, declaring, as they poured libations, that to him they owed life, safe passage on the seas, freedom and fortune.

In connexion with the Khartum-Halfa railway steamers ply on the Nile between Haifa and Shellal (Assuan) where the railway from Alexandria ends.

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Cleopatra's Needle, an ancient Egyptian monument, was presented to the government by Mehemet Ali in 1819, brought from Alexandria in 1878, and erected on the Victoria embankment on a pedestal of grey granite.

Until then the Venetians held the carrying trade of India, which was brought by the Persian Gulf and Red sea into Syria and Egypt, the Venetians receiving the products of the East at Alexandria and Beirut and distributing them over Europe.

The founder of the Neoplatonic school in Alexandria is supposed to have been Ammonius Saccas.

Ptolemy, who had access to the treasures of the famous library of Alexandria was able, no doubt, to utilize these cadastral plans when compiling his geography.

Euergetes (247-222) largely increased the library by seizing on the original editions of the dramatists laid up in the Athenian archives, and by compelling all travellers who arrived in Alexandria to leave a copy of any work they possessed.

Seven cities and towns in 1 goo had more than 5000 inhabitants each: New Orleans (287,104), Shreveport (16,013), Baton Rouge (11,269), New Iberia (6815), Lake Charles (6680), Alexandria (5648) and Monroe (5428).

ERATOSTHENES OF ALEXANDRIA (c. 276 - c. 194 B.C.), Greek scientific writer, was born at Cyrene.