Sentence Examples with the word Alex

When the reverend announced that Alex could kiss the bride, he wasted no time.

Sometimes Alex comes home for lunch and we eat together.

Carmen leaned against the nursery window, gazing at them in awe - Alex at her side.

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I'm not sure which bothered Alex more, having someone else shoot him or knowing he had suffered for a long time.

He was dressed in a suit identical to the one Alex wore.

His father died shortly after Alex was born, so I never met either of them.

Alfonso lost the use of his cell phone for a month and Alex grounded Jonathan for the same amount of time.

Jonathan had taken the time to learn sign language so that he could talk to Alex and she had kept him away from the hospital.

She and Alex spent a lot of time on that window seat, admiring their combined efforts and property.

Mom and Dad named Alex after her.