Sentence Examples with the word Alder

The development of Montana was scarcely begun when the discoveries of gold were made at Bannack, Beaverhead Valley, in 1862, at Virginia city, Alder Gulch, in 1863 and at Helena, Last Chance Gulch, in 1864.

Except for the willow-plots found along the rivers on the clay lands, nearly all the wood is confined to the sand and gravel soils, where copses of birch and alder are common.

ALDER, a genus of plants (Alnus) belonging to the order Betulaceae, the best-known of which is the common alder (A.

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Various oaks descend within a few hundred feet of the sea-level, increasing in numbers at greater altitudes, and becoming very frequent at 4000 ft., at which elevation also appear Aucuba, Magnolia, cherries, Pyrus, maple, alder and birch, with many Araliaceae, Hollbollea, Skimmia, Daphne, Myrsine, Symplocos and Rubus.

There are many kinds of good timber-yielding trees, the best known being alder (Alnus glutinosa, Wild., A.

Duclaux, was extended to alloys by Alder Wright.

The alder is readily propagated by seeds, but throws up root-suckers abundantly.

In 1863 the famous Alder Gulch in Madison county was discovered and in the next year, Last Chance Gulch in the south of Lewis and Clark county.

BIRCH (Betula), a genus of plants allied to the alder (Alnus), and like it a member of the natural order Betulaceae.

The most heavily wooded districts are in the southern and eastern parts (fir, pine, birch, aspen, alder and oak).