Sentence Examples with the word Albumin

Its chemical composition - containing, as it invariably does, one or more forms of a complex compound of carbon, hydrogen, pro- oxygen and nitrogen, the so-called protein or albumin The perties of (which has never yet been obtained except as a pro living duct of living bodies), united with a large proportion matter.

In 1843, with a thesis on albumin and fibrin, he studied for a year under J.

Haemoglobin is composed of a basic albumin and an acid substance haematin; it combines readily with oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to form loose compounds (see Nutrition).

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This splitting up of the fats previously combined with albumin in the cell by the action of natural ferments - lipases - and the setting free of the fats under the influence of toxins represent the normal and the pathological process in the production of so-called fatty degeneration.

Halliburton) is the chief albumin of milk; its composition varies with the animal.

The mucins and mucoids belong to this group; they are acid and contain no phosphorus; they give the albumin colour reactions but are not coagulated by heat.