Sentence Examples with the word Albrecht

These works are all profusely illustrated, some by Albrecht Diirer, and in the preparation of the woodcuts Maximilian himself took the liveliest interest.

See Ein Wort der Erinnerung an Albrecht von Grcife (Halle, 1870) by his cousin, Alfred Grafe (1830-1899), also a distinguished ophthalmologist, and the author of Das Sehen der Schielenden (Wiesbaden, 1897); and E.

The results of the international observations are discussed from time to time by Albrecht in the publications of the International Geodetic Association, and in the Astronomische Nachrichten (see also EARTH, FIGURE OF).

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In this field Bechamp, Cohnheim, Albrecht Kossel, and, especially, Emil Fischer and his pupils have been extremely active.

Forster's principal works are: Beitrage zur neueren Kriegsgeschichte (Berlin, 1816); Grundziige der Geschichte des preussischen Staates (Berlin, 1818); Der Feldmarschall Blucher and seine Umgebungen (Leipzig, 1820); Friedrich der Grosse, Jugendjahre, Bildung and Geist (Berlin, 1822); Albrecht von Wallenstein (Potsdam, 1834); Friedrich Wilhelm I., Konig von Preussen (Potsdam, 1834-1835); Die Hofe and Kabinette Europas im 18.

Joachim, Die Politik des letzten Hochmeisters in Preussen, Albrecht von Brandenburg (Leipzig, 1892); K.

What in the opinion of Albrecht Dieterich (Eine Mithrasliturgie, Leipzig, 1903) is a Mithras liturgy is preserved in a Greek MS. of Egyptian origin of about A.D.

Of the scientific societies the most noted is the Royal Society of Sciences (Konigliche Sozietdt der Wissenschaften) founded by Albrecht von Haller, which is divided into three classes, the physical, the mathematical and the historical-philological.

And Albrecht I., edited by F.

While thus engaged he determined to trace the history and describe the existing condition of each of the arts and sciences on which he was lecturing, being perhaps incited by the Bibliothecae of Albrecht von Haller.