Sentence Examples with the word Albino

Haringtoni, differs as regards colour in a remarkable manner from all other known members of the group. It is a medium-sized species of a pale creamy buff colour above, lighter beneath, and with a whitish tail, while it is further characterized by the absence of the first upper premolar, which shows that it is not an albino or pale variety.

Other breeds include the Japanese, with an orange coat, broadly banded on the hind-quarters with black; the pink-eyed and short and thick-furred albino Polish; the Siberian, probably produced by crossing the Himalayan with the Angora; and the black-and-tan and blue-and-tan.

In a complete albino not only is all pigment absent in the skin, but also that which is normally present in deeper organs, such as the sympathetic nervous system and in the substantia nigra of the brain.

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A moment's consideration, however, will show that, while an albino may be an individual in which one or more of the complementary bodies of pigmentation are absent, a pigmented animal is something more than an individual which carries all the factors necessary for the development of colour.

Cuenot was the first to show this for albino mice.

But the third son married twice, and by the first wife had five normal and one albino children, and by the second, six normal and three albino children.

An albino is a homozygote; that is, all its gametes are carrying the character of albinism and none of them bear the alternative character - the allelomorph - of pigmentation.

In the region of the Mississippi, Farabee has observed that the albino negroes are taller and broader than the blackskinned individuals.

And of all these things the Albino whale was the symbol.

It is thus evident that park-cattle are an albino offshoot from the ancient Pembroke black breed, which, from their soft and well-oiled skins, are evidently natives of a humid climate, such as that of the forests in which dwelt the wild aurochs.