Sentence Examples with the word Albinism

If we assume that the two negresses which the third son married were themselves carrying albinism recessive - an exceedingly probable condition considering that albino negroes are not uncommon - the result is accurately in accordance, as W.

Let A stand for a pure albino and (A)N for a normal person, who nevertheless carries the character albinism (A) recessive.

The chief or only changes which domestication seems to have induced in its appearance are a tendency to albinism generally shown in the plumage of its lower parts, and frequently, though not always, the conversion of the colour of its legs and 1 Columella (De re rustica, viii.

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Partial albinism in this case was undoubtedly correlated with some inherent constitutional defect, in virtue of which the individuals characterized by it were injuriously affected by the juices of a plant quite innocuous to their pigmented brethren.

The recessive nature of albinism and its distribution in Mendelian fashion is almost certainly as true for man as for lower forms. This has been shown by W.

The condition of albinism thus assumed as a seasonal variation is never complete, for the eyes at least retain their pigmented state.

Gunn, of Edinburgh University, who has recently been investigating the subject of albinism in man, there is reason to believe that a condition of piebald albinism occurs also in Europeans (Scotsmen).

In complete human albinoes, albinism is correlated, in addition to nystagmus, with a peculiar roughness of the skin, making it harsh to the touch.

In the condition known as albinism there is a congenital deficiency or entire absence of pigment.

Albinism is restricted to no particular class of the animal kingdom; for partial albinism at least is known to occur in Coelentera, worms, Crustacea, Myriapoda, Coleoptera,Arachnida and fishes.