Sentence Examples with the word Alberoni

An Histoire du Cardinal Alberoni up to 1719 was published by Jean Rousset de Missy at the Hague in 1719.

Giulio Alberoni e it suo secolo, by Giovanni Bianchi (1901), is briefer and more critical.

His policy was steadily directed towards maintaining the peace of Utrecht, and this made him the main opponent of the schemes of Cardinal Alberoni for the aggrandizement of Spain.

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The Triple Alliance thwarted her plans, and at length in 1720 the allies made the banishment of Alberoni a condition of peace.

GIULIO ALBERONI (1664-1752), Spanish - Italian cardinal and statesman, was born near Piacenza, probably at the village of Fiorenzuola, on the 31st of May 1664.

In 1717, however, Cardinal Alberoni retook Cagliari for Spain; but this state of things was short-lived, for in 1720, by the treaty of London, Sardinia passed in exchange for Sicily to the dukes of Savoy, to whom it brought the royal title.

Simultaneously, Gertz was negotiating with Cardinal Alberoni and with the whigs in England; but all his ingenious combinations collapsed like a house of cards on the sudden death of Charles XII.

On the death of Clement, Alberoni boldly appeared at the Conclave, and took part in the election of Innocent XIII.