Sentence Examples with the word Alban

In 1759 he was consecrated archbishop of Corinth in partibus, and in 1761 bishop of Frascati (the ancient Tusculum) in the Alban Hills near Rome.

It was important as commanding the approach to the valley between the Alban and Volscian mountains.

The earliest cemeteries and hut foundations of the Alban Hills belong to the Iron age, and cemeteries and objects of a similar character have been found in Rome itself and in southern Etruria, especially the characteristic hut-urns.

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VELLETRI (anc. Velitrae), a town and episcopal see of the province of Rome, Italy, at the south-east foot of the outer ring wall of the Alban crater, 26 m.

The sources for her life are to be found in the Bollandist Acta Sanctorum on the Ilth of August, and sketches in such Lives of the Saints as Alban Butler's.

The name Albanus Mons is also used generally of the Alban group of hills in which there seem to have been some remains of volcanic activity in early Roman times, which covered the early necropolis of Alba Longa, and occasionally produced showers of stones, e.g.

That of the Alban Lake is the most famous; but all the other crater lakes are similarly provided.

From Rome, on the northern slopes of the Alban Hills, 1739 ft.

From the main mass of the Alban Hills, and commanding an extensive view over the low country between it and the sea.

HORATII and Curiatii, in Roman legend, two sets of three brothers born at one birth on the same day - the former Roman, the latter Alban - the mothers being twin sisters.