Sentence Examples with the word Al

Bertolini, Storia d'Italia dal 1814 al 1878.

Abil-Abbs 1 habit al Hanafi, 2 19224 (834839).

Murray, as the result of his study, g divided the earth's surface into three zones - the continental to Al d ay.

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Vincenzo Ferrer intorno al grande schisma d'Occidente, ed.

And by elimination we obtain the resultant ao 0 bo 0 0 al ao b1 bo 0 a 2 a i b 2 b 1 bo a numerical factor being disregarded.

The earliest known Spanish mathematician is Al Madshritti (d.

Vernaleken, Alpensagen (largely Tirolese; Vienna, 1858); Beda Weber, Das Land Tirol (3 vols., Innsbruck, 1837-1838); Martin Wilckens, Die Alpenwirthschaft der Schweiz, des Algau, and der westoesterreichischen Al enleinder (Vienna, 1874); I.

Chemical industries show an output worth 2,640,000 in 1902 al against 1,040,000 in 1893.

The fourteenth and fifteenth amendments to the Fedc al Constitution were ratified in 1870, and the state was formally readmitted into the Union on the 23rd of February of that year.

Vincenzo Ferrer intorno al Grande Scisma d'Occidente (Bologna, 1906).