Sentence Examples with the word Ainu

By some authorities Ainu colonists are supposed to have been the first settlers, and to have arrived there via Yezo; by others, the earliest corners are believed to have been a hyperborean tribe travelling southwards by way of Kamchatka.

In short, the Ainu suggest much closer affinity with Europeans than does any other of the types that go to make ug the population of Japan.

Its proper Ainu name, Karafuto or Karaftu, has been restored to the island by the Japanese since 1905.

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The most i m important developments of the cult are in East Asia p p among the Siberian tribes; among the Ainu of Sakhalin a young bear is caught at the end of winter and fed for some nine months; then after receiving honours it is killed, and the people, who previously show marks of grief at its approaching fate, dance merrily and feast on its body.

M., of whom about 600 are Ainu (q.v.).